Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Take Your Choice - what to believe?

There are so many ‘scientific’ studies out there today that one can pick and choose the bits of research that suit one’s own way of thinking: for example, I cut out all the articles that tell you how good coffee is for you or red wine or how bad too much exercise can be - and ignore the rest. At the moment I am trying to train my daughter to do the same re childbirth, breast-feeding, child-rearing etc as I see she is becoming mightily confused by all the conflicting advice available. The other day I came across someone whose life is mostly devoted to her own ailments and in beautifying as much of her body as she can at vast expense. Her justification is that the bible tells you that your body is your temple and you must worship it and look after it. That would be the same bible that says that the black man must be the slave of the white I suppose. I think I must give the bible another go and bookmark a few pages.


  1. I was just talking to a friend the other day about baby care books. I am amazed at these new parents who will get a book and follow it to the letter as if they think their baby will die if they don't do what the book says. We had a friend that would set an alarm in the night so she could wake her baby up to feed her on the "proper schedule"! She complained that the baby didn't eat very well when she did that. I pointed out that she wouldn't eat very well either if someone woke her up from a sound sleep and tried to force feed her. She gave me this shocked look and said, "But the book says the baby needs to be on a strict feeding schedule". I didn't bother after that, she was hopeless. I am fortunate to have married a girl who helped take care of babies from the time she was 8 or 9 so she was perfectly prepared to take care of ours when the time came, and she has done a spectacular job!

    For every study that says something is bad, there is another study to say it isn't. I just go with my instinct and figure I'll survive or I won't. I enjoy my life and refuse to live in fear of every little thing I eat or do!

  2. Amen! Dr Spock is actually horrendous!