Sunday, 14 November 2010

Stork Party - or Keeping up with the Jones?

......February 2008 - retrospective

About 20 girls were expected for this event plus myself, the mom-in-law and my sister-in-law. I bought a few things from the list and wrapped them up from myself, her dad and her brother, so that it made a few parcels, I made snacks and a chocolate cake, together with fruit juice, tea and coffee and my daughter’s two best friends did the rest. This involved dressing her up as an ‘African babe’ organising party games and prizes (viz bottles of wine and blocks of Lindt chocolate – no less.) they also brought six bottles of champagne and a large cheese platter. What totally shocked me though – remembering that the last stork party I went to was about thirty years ago - was that each of these twenty-something girls had spent a fortune on extravagant gifts, surely R500 per person! Everyone brought an exquisite carrier bag absolutely chock-full of baby goodies. I know all of these things cost a lot as my sister-in-law and I had done a lot of trekking round the baby shops in the previous week. She was as shocked as I was when the unwrapping finally came to an end. I think even my daughter was embarrassed. Whatever happened to the days of a couple of tins of talc and a pot of nappy rash cream? So many of the things are so hi-tech, one wonders if they will ever actually be used. I hope there is not just a lot of one-upmanship going on here. The same seems to have happened with children’s parties, where the small guests go home with almost as many presents as the party girl. I’ve now begun to worry that my catering wasn’t grand enough. I must get a grip!


  1. Oh, kids today! *shakes head* Thanks for popping by my blog! I bet the weather is nicer in Cape Town than in Edmonton!

  2. Hi, I came by from Aging Gratefully to visit you there in South Africa. Looks like a stunning place where you're building your vacation home. Good luck to the parents to be. Yes - times have definitely changed!

  3. I went to a baby shower recently, and people were buying things like car seats and cribs ... goodness! Times have changed.

    I'm so happy I found your blog! My mother was born and raised in South Africa, and she loved that wonderful country. I heard so much about it when I was growing up. :-)

  4. thanks for the follow - you are right. I can always rely on Vodka Logic...