Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Noddy Books

I came across an article from the mid-nineties when there was that great fuss about the possibility of a homosexual relationship between Enid Blyton’s two most famous characters. Together with the scandal about the appearance of the gollywog as the bad guy in the stories, there was a ‘sensitivity panic’ and the books were hastily removed from libraries all over the world. The article mentions, rather cynically, that this scarcity put an immediate value on the little books and first editions were going for very high sums. In fact any books with the original texts became of some value: it is at his point that I regret not having the hoarding gene. I wonder what happened to all my Noddy books? I had 16 when I was young and I loved them all. I doubt whether my mother has them: when I finally decided to collect all my dolls from her house to give to my small daughter, my mother had ‘given them all to the jumble’. Perhaps my brother’s got them? If he has, I am going to say it is time I had them back. Anyone know if they are back in favour and now worthless?


  1. Why is it that people look for the slightest hint of a problem in things that were wonderful and innocent but will then blatantly allow the same thing to go unheeded in something new? I've heard so many of the old time things that I enjoyed growing up being criticized for minuscule issues. If our society would try to mimic the toys, books, TV shows and other entertainment from back then, I dare say our kids would grow up a lot happier! My kids absolutely love all of the old shows and books that I get for them! They will even sit and listen to old radio programs like The Lone Ranger and Sargent Preston Of The Yukon! Oh well, that's progress for you. :)

  2. Ah, the Lone Ranger - such eye candy with that mysterious mask!