Tuesday, 30 November 2010

More Building Woes

I went out deliberately all morning today, leaving small son to field the non-stop sob stories of our builder’s subcontractor; these vary from “we forgot our wheelbarrow/rake/screw driver/sharp knife can we borrow yours”, to the latest. The new slusher we bought doesn’t work - there’s something wrong with the washer”. Now work is on hold while someone is despatched to locate/borrow/buy another one. I am beginning to think these wall pillars will never be finished. My son-in-law had better stories though: his tiler didn’t pitch up for a few days because he was in gaol, and one of the brickies couldn’t come for two weeks, waiting for the end of the month because he had broken his angle grinder and had to wait for money to come in before he could buy another one. This is South Africa.

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