Monday, 1 November 2010

Making Music

Way back when at High school in England circa 1963, three friends and I used to sit on the radiator in our classroom during break (snowing outside), and tried to work out the harmonies to Beatles songs….”Last night I said these words to my girl”… There is something magic about making music with others, whether you sing in a pop group or in an opera chorus, or play an instrument in an orchestra it is an absolute delight to create something together in this way. Perhaps it should be compulsory in schools for classes to sing together or bang drums or tin cans - to promote racial harmony etc. We could learn from the nursery school classes. There is a difficulty with a choir at high school though when guys voices are breaking and they either squeak or bellow. I’ve always belonged to a choir – once just for a day. In England last year, my sister-in-law asked me to attend a rehearsal and join her church choir for the evening service. I was anxious as I don’t sight-read too well, but thought I would just copy the person next to me. To my amazement - absolutely nothing issued from the mouth of the lady next to me but she was just mouthing the words, and the one on the other side was singing so out of tune she put me off completely. My sister-in-law confided afterwards, that there are no auditions for their choir - a sort of humanitarian policy - which has resulted in a lusty body of 20 assorted males and females of questionable talent, which doesn’t really matter as they are mostly drowned out by the sound of the organ in the beautiful old 16th century church. There might be a bit of a side effect though. I only counted four in the congregation.

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