Thursday, 25 November 2010

It's All in the Detail

We are having a metal fence with pillars built across the front of our property, a bit like this pic.

When my husband came home on Friday, he basically blew a gasket, so inexpertly has the work on our fence pillars been done so far. I don’t have much technical savvy and so did not notice that the track for the rolling gate only had a wafer-thin layer of cement to run on and was already cracking, nor did I choose to notice….well, a fair bit of other stuff. Besides I felt rather sorry for the youngster running the crew and yes, he had not been there when all went cock-eyed on Wednesday and Thursday but I had thought that it would all be put right on Monday. So we went out for breakfast this morning before our regular trip to our hardware store for sundry rawl plugs, shelving etc.etc. and came back to find the same sorry crew, sent to put all to rights today. This did not improve my husband’s mood because in the end he had to sit down and draw everything for them with meticulous measurements, copy for the contractor which I must take to his office on Monday. I can’t help feeling that this should all have been done by the contractor on the original quote. Our fault for not insisting on precise specs for everything but we thought these were experienced people, vouched for as they were, by the referral company we have used. I remember thinking I should have insisted on contactable references at the time with photographs of completed work to go and look at. Still, even that is no guarantee: your work is only as good as your current workers and they come and go all the time. It’s a bit like rugby really: your team is only as good as your currently naturally gifted players. No reason why last year’s champions should retain their place next time.


  1. Thanks for stopping by TNS and commenting.
    I feel for you having contract work done. You can start looking for new grey hair any day now from the frustration. Hoping things go better.

  2. I spent about 11 years as a contractor before I messed my back up and had to switch to hotel maintenance. I did pretty much any kind of project and had an excellent reputation for quality. My secret wasn't much of a secret. I did all the work myself, only hiring temporary workers for jobs that required more than one person. My customers knew up front that I would take longer since it was only me, but when it was done it would be done right! I never lacked for work and had to start turning jobs away. I literally had a couple of regular customers cry when I had to take the job at the hotel and retire from contracting. Everyone told me that they dreaded having to find someone to replace me because the vast majority didn't do good work!

    Anyway, I hope you are able to get it done properly without too much pain and suffering! :)

  3. You are a man full of surprises! Wish we could have had someone like you. I know how frustrating a bad back is - when you've hurt your back once.... both my husband and I have to be careful. He is a very practical man and curses the day that he 'overdid' it. HIs back has objected ever since.