Saturday, 20 November 2010

How to Fit a Toilet Roll

I cannot believe that neither my husband nor my son (both practical people) can seem to fathom out how to insert a new toilet roll into the holder. Why does it not offend their aesthetic sense to place the new roll on top of the old, not even convenient to tear a piece off? Come to think, why does it also not bother them when they open or close curtains and leave gaps between the drops or where they meet in the middle? Is this something I should have read about in “Men are from Mars….”. Despite this book’s popularity, I haven’t read it, having previously felt that none of my men or myself fit into the stereotype of what a man or woman typically is, my husband usually being able to turn his hand to anything I can do: moreover, I am pretty good at reading maps. It looks as if I might have been able to find comfort in a chapter or two.

1 comment:

  1. There are just some things that don't register in a man's mind. It's like when my wife cleans all day and I come in and don't notice because I didn't realize the house was dirty in the first place! We are mere men and not capable of understanding the importance of these things! :)