Friday, 19 November 2010

Drama at the Gym

I had to skip stretch class last week because I had visitors so I missed the drama. A gentleman was training for a Spinathon just outside the windows of our studio, on one of the machines when he apparently had a heart attack. One of our regulars - an older chap - proved to be a retired doctor and he speedily supplied first aid while the Paramedics were summoned. Thanks to his quick actions and the arrival of the Paramedics within about four minutes, the man’s life was saved. It transpires that he had undergone a triple bypass not long ago! It just goes to show two things in my humble opinion - some people will always push themselves too far and too much exercise (as I have always suspected) is bad for you. “A little of what you fancy”, say I, reaching for my medicinal red wine. Just one glass though.


  1. When the company that I work for built a new hotel, the state inspector that came through was a major fitness buff. Apparently he was one of those obsessive people that worked out all the time and ate "properly". Well, three weeks after he did our final inspection he was at the gym working out on the treadmill and collapsed and died from a massive heart attack. He was only in his 50s! So, all of his obsession with health and he still died early! What's the point of depriving ourselves of the more enjoyable things in life if there isn't a guarantee to ensure our longevity? Not that I'm going to take up drugs or smoking but you better believe I'm going to keep right on using my real butter! :)