Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Brilliant Invention

There would be great cause for depression if it wasn’t that there are so many clever people about. When my friend, M, returned from the UK she brought me back a lot of gadgety gifts as if her wont. Among them was a nifty gadget for making toasted sandwiches. It is a sort of thick plastic bag made of some kind of rocket science material into which you insert your two slices of filled bread. You then place the bag into your toaster, choose a fairly high setting and voila! In the same time as you would normally toast a slice of bread you have a snackwich! And she gave me two of them! I see my small son has already become quite partial to these bags (M gave me two) as he has clicked that there is no washing up attached to the operation. You can put the bags into the dishwasher too. Three cheers for brainy inventors!.... Sadly they gave in after constant use for about six months. Where can I get more? .... Oh, of course - Just "Google" - there were so many photos to choose from for this post, these things must be in common usage by now, especially in America. Do any of you use them?


  1. I have never heard of them. They sound intriguing though. I love a good toasted ham and cheese sandwich but normally find it easier to just skip the bread and eat the cold ham and cheese! :)

    I'm hungry now!

  2. You must be nice and slim then - the bread is the best part!