Thursday, 28 October 2010

Not without a Snag

I’m a little short on blogging material today, partly because I’ve stopped having the Sunday paper delivered, on principle, because they took the job away from a lady who really needed the pittance paid and never missed a Sunday in five years, placing the paper right inside my security gate always before 6.00 a.m., (how spoilt were we?) and gave the contract elsewhere - to someone who drives past and throws it onto the driveway, and not at all early. On the good side, I telephoned the water department at our municipality yesterday and played some on-screen Scrabble while waiting for a person to speak (listening to some very nice classical music and no ads at all!). This meant that I was eventually very polite nice to the person on the other end, explaining that no I didn’t have a burst pipe or other emergency but there appeared not to be a special number to dial if you wanted to have your meter moved out to the pavement so that you could put up a wall. Being nice to him resulted in him being nice back - lo and behold, I couldn’t believe it when a yellow truck pulled up outside my house this morning at 8.00 o’clock and digging commenced! Unfortunately, the course of true love never did run smooth, (to use the wrong metaphor) and they discovered a leak - on our side - caused by the weight of the concrete my husband had thoughtfully poured around the meter in an effort to protect it should the boat be driven over it too many times as we park it up the side of the house. The next minute they were called away to a burst pipe emergency, promising to be back later. Hope they keep that promise as there is now a big hole in the ground. Hubbie has to fix the leak.


  1. I wish our town was as accommodating! They came through a couple years ago and put a culvert pipe and storm water catch basins in place of a perfectly fine ditch up the hill from my house. Now, since they didn't install the catch basins correctly, I have storm water washing out my driveway leaving ruts big enough to get a car wheel stuck in. I have tried and tried to get them to fix it and they keep telling me there is nothing wrong! We want to move out to the country but I'm afraid it can't happen soon enough to keep me from doing something yelling an insult at them as I drive by them someday! :)

  2. I must say this has usually been my sort of experience. Things don't change much around the world, do they!