Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Musical Wedding Fun

24th January, 2008..... catching up

Just a last word on our January wedding which my son and his wife paid for and organised from London. It was on a wine farm near Cape Town and a stunning venue it was too. However as they flew over only a few days beforehand there was a bit of a rush about some of the finer details. The bridal couple had overlooked the fact that it was their duty to choose a hymn for the service: they thought either the parents or the minister had done it. Consequently, there was a panic on the Friday afternoon, and they rushed off to the shops to find a suitable CD. They hit upon “Amazing Grace” as a hymn everyone would know (not sure myself that a song celebrating the release from slavery is ideal for a wedding, but no-one asked me). In fact, last year, I had delegated the job of deciding the hymns for my daughter’s wedding her mother-in-law, telling her that she could choose anything she liked - except Amazing Grace. Well, our couple had not even listened to the appropriate track until it started playing on cue during the service. We had been given the words to four verses, so that was no problem, and we were all providing a generally lusty and tuneful rendition but then the instrumental accompaniment went off into a few extra twiddles and diversions between the third and fourth verses, no doubt to emphasise that the finale was coming up and naturally no-one noticed. Taking a breath after the second line however, there was a bit of a vocal gap and everyone could hear that the accompaniment was just starting the last verse! Huge embarrassment all round, with voices gradually trailing off into the wide blue yonder: thank God the minister eventually realised it was all up to him, “I think, we’ll skip the last verse”, said he, smiling - and we all sat thankfully down - giggles all round.

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