Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fear of Germs

One of our more fastidious columnists refers to his fear of germs contained in the plastic bags which surround home-made cakes for sale at school fetes, co-op shops and the like. His fear is occasioned by the conviction that someone has blown up the bag before closing it with an elastic band thus exposing the na├»ve purchaser to all kinds of bronchitis, halitosis or garlic fumes or worse. He can’t bring himself to buy them. This reminded me of when my mother-in-law, in a stout effort to bolster her youngest child’s successful bid to go to university - the only one of her large brood to do so - spent four years baking 23 sponge cakes every day for the local fresh produce shop in the small town in which they lived. It fell to Dad (a heavy smoker) to blow up the surrounding bags. Popular myth has it that mom’s cakes were always a sell-out: certainly no-one ever complained - not even on the day when one sank in the middle and mom shored it up with a piece of cardboard before putting the icing on. She was going to keep it for her own family. But she forgot and it got mixed in with the others. They all sold out as usual, and no-one said a word. The other thing I read this week said that if you are serving a dip to a crowd of people and someone puts their half-eaten biscuit back into it - they are adding another 10,000 germs to those already present.

I’ve decided to forget all of the above in order to remain sane.


  1. We have a friend that is a self-proclaimed "germophobe". However, we have decided that she is even more of a penny-pincher than a "germophobe" after an incident in the food court of our local shopping mall.
    My wife and several friends had gone shopping and were having lunch. Germophobe's son got pizza and being a little tyke, managed to drop a piece on the floor, face down at that! Well, Germophobe, to everyone's consternation as well as tearful pleas from her son not to, picked it up and said that it couldn't be wasted and ate it! She has never lived it down and any time she starts to panic about germs we all tell her to come off it and remind her of that filthy mall floor!

  2. Book Nut - I have looked at your blog - do you only do book reviews? You write so well.

  3. Thank you so much for that compliment! I have been wanting to start another blog just to ramble on but have yet to do it. I should get on with it shouldn't I?
    I have dabbled in a little creative writing but find I lack the self control to keep my mind focused on one project long enough to complete it. Short items such as my reviews are easy but stretch it over a couple of days and my mind trots off on another idea leaving me wandering around for a bit looking for it. When I do find it, the new idea it seems to have found intrigues me so much that I quite forget to go back and finish the last one! :)
    I have a profile on WeBook that has a very small amount of my other writing available. My best would be the "Park Bench" project that I started, my entry is the one entitled "James". Here is a link if you are interested: http://www.webook.com/member/Mindscape
    Anyway, I love your blogs and even though I'm not a woman, I hope you don't mind my tagging along! :)

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