Monday, 11 October 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

This movie has just opened in South Africa so I had to see it poste haste as I haven't read the book yet. I wasn't going to read it but I am intrigued as most of the ladies in my Book Club didn't like it. The general feeling was that most of us could cure our periodic depressive states if we had the money to take a year off in style! I remember having the privilege to walk around Rome for one day and barely able to afford the cost of an ice cream. Setting that aside, the film is a visual delight and there are some delightful cameo performances by little known actors and there is a lot of charm - mostly provided by the delectable Julia of course. And there is some great music: usually I am amazed that there have been up to 20 odd songs in any movie I've seen as I am unable to take in the music while absorbing plot and dialogue. Maybe I noticed it in this movie because there were some of my favourite tunes. I mean how could you not notice "The Queen of the Night" aria while watching Julia eat spaghetti? It makes me think with longing at a society wedding we attended recently. If only there had been a Glen Miller Band, we would have danced all night.... If only! Well, the film was a bit too much like a travelogue for me, but there are some sweet life lessons to absorb along with your popcorn - some of her self-discovery you wouldn't need to spend a fortune on. You could do it the Shirley Valentine way.

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