Friday, 22 October 2010

Contact Lenses - The Final Outcome

I’ve been wearing my disposable, multi-focal, soft contact lenses for eight months now. My final tips are as follows:

· Keep your old glasses so that you can see to get the things out of their liquid bath in the mornings. You’ll need them in the evenings anyway.

· Buy yourself a x 5 magnifying mirror and position it in the morning so that daylight shines through a window straight into your eye from the left side. This means that if you have the lens inserted correctly you will be able to just see its outline about 3mm outside your iris. If you don’t do this you can’t always be sure that it is in and not still sticking to your finger or somewhere else. I went on holiday without realising that my left lens was actually stuck on the back of my mirror. I nearly gave myself an infection scratching at my eye, trying to find it.

· Don’t wear your lenses for more than about 10 hours a day - you will find your eyes starting to get bloodshot if you do. If your eyes get bloodshot earlier in the day, perhaps your lenses are getting old and you should discard them. DON’T FORGET TO TAKE THEM OUT AT NIGHT !!! If you feel anything in your eye during the day, take the lens out and rinse it again. This is well worth the hassle.

· I got an infection which took 3 days to clear, because of not removing my mascara at night and then rubbing my itchy eyes. Your eyes will feel a bit dry when you take your lenses out at night. I now often use eye drops before I go to bed.

· Do not expect perfection - glasses will at this point in time always be better. If just depends how vain you are. Older men look distinguished in glasses, older women - just look old. I’ve used my first six pairs of lenses now: some months I can see far with both eyes or just one and everything beyond my car’s bonnet is blurry: sometimes, I can see well to read with the left but not with the right and vice versa. I don’t know why there are these inconsistencies but I put up with them because:

In conclusion, I would rather put up with the imperfections of contact lenses than wear glasses. I just hope that they will gradually improve.

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