Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Big Day for Small Son

16th January, 2008..... continuing blog catch-up from June....

6.30 am. Hmm...glad I left the laptop charging. My best friend’s birthday today and my small son’s big day. We are (after lengthy consideration) forking out the money to lend him for a photo-shoot to set him up with a modelling portfolio. The agent phoned again after an initial meeting last year at which it was decided that son, M, while having a possibly marketable ‘look’ was not tall enough and lacked self-confidence. So I left it, but he called back last week. We are keeping it quiet in the family (who don’t read my blog!) to avoid all the inevitable teasing. Let’s just say that his Matric results left a lot to be desired and (after a lot of ‘hard talk’) he has agreed that the best thing is to re-sit 3 of his subjects in May/June to improve his marks, for whatever as yet nebulous course of study he may decide on in the future. …5.30 p.m.Later, the shoot went off OK, the power came on at 9.00 am but not in time for me to post this blog.

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