Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Very Big House

We had cause to visit the brand new house of a nephew who is doing rather well in the world, if your standards are financial. These days he brokers deals with governments and he is only 42. We had already heard much about this magnificent house and it certainly took our breath away, reminding me forcibly of something out of "Gone with the Wind". 'Nuff said? The interesting thing for me was that I felt absolutely no envy and certainly no jealousy of this young couple's good fortune/hard-earned rewards. They both come from ordinary backgrounds and we've known the young man since birth - what a nice guy. I guess the point is I don't know anyone from my own generation who has done so well, although we do now have a couple of high flyers amongst the younger family members. It must be a sign of the times. I was quite happy to return to my own average family abode - after all, its comfortable and accommodating - we have effectively 5 bedrooms which are often filled with visitors - said nephew's house has only 4 despite its 1400 sq.metres compared to our 300. It certainly has lots of space and is elegant, relaxing and beautiful. I wish them well and their children are delightful and well-mannered. It was nice to see and great to find out these good things about myself! I couldn't resist sneaking a picture though, of their entrance hall.


  1. It is indeed grand! But I feel similar to you: I rarely envy material things, if ever. I prefer to have enjoyable experiences.

    He's blessed, and I wish that it continues for him and his family.

  2. I guess wisdom comes with age.