Sunday, 19 September 2010

Fat Quarters

I have been introduced to a whole new world out there - quilting! When my cousin said she had to buy some 'fat quarters', I thought we were going to the butchers and there we were in Bath, in southern England, in a tiny shop in a cobbled back street (you expect to see Disckensian characters emerging at any moment) - staring up at rows and rows of beautiful quilting fabrics. In case you didn't know, 'fat quarters' are a quarter of a yard of material folded up into pocket handkerchief sized portions so that you may easily compare and contrast before purchasing. Is it only the British that use this name or does it originate in the home of patchwork quilts, the USA?


  1. I'm not sure where the term "fat quarter" originated, but we use it here in the states. I certainly have my share of them. Best wishes on your quilting adventures!

  2. A skinny quarter is a quarter yard (9 inches) of fabric cut across the whole width of the fabric, usually about 42 inches.

    A fat quarter is a half yard of fabric (18 inches) cut in half along the fold, so you end up with a piece of fabric about 18 x 21 inches.

  3. There are a lot of quilters in bloggyland. Hope you can find them to share your new interest!