Friday, 17 September 2010

Being Late

One of my good friends has been so notoriously late for appointments that in exasperation I once risked our friendship and presented her with an article fortuitously printed in a magazine in which such people are summed up as 'selfish' and 'inconsiderate', clearly indicating that they think no-one's time is valuable except their own. To add insult to injury these people are invariably 'last-minuters' who arrive with a long list of feeble excuses as to what happened at the last minute to prevent their departure. My sister-in-law takes the cake though. Having confided to me that she 'hates' to be late, my brother did recall two memorable occasions which proved the exception to the rule. Both involved sewing. Once she was still sewing a dress for an outfit to go to a fancy function with the result that they arrived when all the food was finished and the dancing had started. They don't dance, so they went home. On a more important occasion, the morning of her wedding, she was still feverishly sewing away on her wedding dress to the point that her father, his nerves wrecked, took himself off to the pub. My late friend did sober up and make a huge effort to reform so that these days she is mostly on time. However, she has absolutely no tolerance should someone else be a minute or two late. How does that work?


  1. I remember someone telling me about a wedding with the bride having "a sewing issue" too. She was so late that the guests were treated to the reception first and the wedding ceremony afterwards.

    I'm guilty of five minutes here and there, but I HATE to be late. It's embarrasing, and as you said, it's disrespectul to the person who is waiting.

    Thanks for the LOL...the father going to the pub!