Thursday, 22 July 2010

Being Sixty

I don’t know much about this yet as my birthday was only yesterday. There are some things I’ve learned though amongst which is that my daughter totally understands about being sixty. She and her husband sent me a huge basket of my favourite flowers, had the family over for dinner, provided a chocolate cake with candles and strawberries and gave me a surprise voucher towards having my teeth whitened as well as paying for me to have my bikini line lasered! It’s all about feeling good about yourself. I am further going to get quotes for having two teeth crowned – about time after a lifetime of hating them and trying to avoid having my picture taken. My other best present was three cartridges of computer ink from my best friend, M. I had to beg for these as all my inks packed up at the same time and none of my family would co-operate with my present priority list. Thank goodness that M, a home computer fanatic, understands. Further, I am looking forward to a small breakfast party of my neighbourhood friends at a local hotel facing the sea on Sunday morning. I am going to give each one a sealed envelope thanking them for all they have done for me in the last twenty years since we moved to Cape Town. This is in case I don’t make it through my speech…..

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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it is the best one yet!