Monday, 14 June 2010

Teenage Sisters' Christmas Gifts

Thursday 27th December 2007

Another Christmas over, a little different this year as the family is growing and evolving. We had a great lunch catered al fresco at my daughter’s new house - that was different - seafood stew and ham cooked in the Weber with a prawn, avocado and mango starter. I made an ice-cream bombe for dessert. The weather was perfect: the company great as the two younger sisters of my son-in-law entertained us with their witty banter. This year apparently, the youngest had told her sister in no uncertain terms: “I’ve spent exactly R245 on your Christmas present - and you had BETTER have spent the same on me!” The story behind the story was that the previous year - a little short of funds and also at the last minute, the elder sister had bought a bar of cheap soap and - insult of insults - not even wrapped it - just carelessly shoved it into a supermarket packet. You would have to be sisters to get away with that. It reminds me of a birthday gift I once received from a friend - a scarf. She told me she was so relieved that I was poor so that she would not have to buy me an expensive present! This further makes me think of a wedding we shall be attending - the couple already have everything. So we asked about gifts - luckily, they want anonymous donations to their favourite charity.

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