Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Steaming Toilets

December 11th 2007

Flashback to the past.....

One reason why my daughter’s house is taking so long to finish is that almost everything that is not the main structure has had to be done again. Painting, skew doors, skew walls, skew tiles. The workmen not turning up for various reasons such as being in jail, having broken a major tool and having to wait until payday until buying another. You name it ..it had to be done over. The latest is the worst, the liquid stone surfaces in the kitchen have been cast in completely wrong sizes, apparently because the sub-contractor was in hospital and had to contract out to someone else. This seems to me to be a huge job - the stuff is so heavy. Well, they can’t move in without the kitchen counter tops, so that’s another big delay. Further, no workmen are allowed on the premises after the coming Friday (rules of the complex). Help! Looks as if Christmas could be at my house after all. Well, that will be a disaster – my husband and I will be at our holiday house the week-end and Monday of Christmas Eve– madly tiling the bottom bathroom in preparation for people coming for my elder son's wedding

January 8th 2008

Almost back to normal – Christmas over, wedding over, lots to catch up on. The final instalment of my daughter’s house-building saga yielded a move-in one week before Christmas, the descent of a water leak onto their heads while they slept, the descent of three of her cousin’s families and their assorted children just before the wedding, a photo-finish of finding beds and bedding for the afore-mentioned and finally – the mysterious steaming of the toilets –it appears unbelievably that the plumber had linked up the toilets to the hot water system. This has meant that sitting on same as been quite a soothing and pleasant experience but still...I don’t envy them their water bill.. (NB. Fast forward to the present - one toilet still produces steam two years later - too expensive to change it!)

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