Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pull Your Pants Up!

I thought I misheard last week when my husband was lecturing my son for the nth time about being untidy. We were about to go to the airport and my husband had popped into my son’s room and was appalled at its condition. And what’s more, said he, “If you are travelling with me, you’d better pull your pants up!” I thought he had meant to say, “pull your socks up!” - meaning in general behaviour, room cleaning and so on, but no, when I put my head round the corner I could see the instruction was literal. Since his bout of tic bite fever, small son has lost quite a bit of weight and his normally hip-swung jeans have now descended perilously lower and appear to be hanging on a wing and a prayer - I can’t think what else could stop them from falling off. To be fair though, I don't he could have looked quite as bad as the guy in this picture. My husband simply wouldn't have let him get on the plane.

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