Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Middle Age Spread

Friday 28th December 2007

That’s it. Dress for the wedding is finished, but have to hold stomach firmly in all the time, even though it drops into an A-line from below the bust, shoulders back - in fact, having difficulty remembering to breathe. Can’t I get some sort of corset somewhere? I am reminded of every day when my mother used to come home from work (in the sixties). She would stop on the doorstep, raise her skirts, detach her suspenders from her stockings and peel off her corset, breathing a huge sigh of relief. Of course, it’s too hot in South Africa to even think of wearing such a garment in temperatures of 30 degrees C, even if I could find one - and don’t ask me to wear a G-string - both prospects would make me suicidal! I imagine there is some other kind of ‘pantie’ that won’t show and may help to slim me down a bit. It’s not fair: no kind diet or exercise will shift this middle-aged spread, short of plastic surgery or liposuction. Has anyone found the answer?


  1. Spanx are the answer...they're a light weight body shaper. They just kind of smooth the lumpy parts and are comfortable to wear, even in the heat.

    For me one of the joys of retirement has been not having to dress up. I haven't worn panty hose for ages and most days don't wear make-up. Ahhh, freedom! But, if I was attending a big event, I'd break out the spanx. Have a wonderful wedding.

  2. If I didn't have a husband who was brought up in a family with a horror of fat (he has two tall, elegant sisters!), believe me I would be doing the same.