Thursday, 17 June 2010

If you Can't Beat 'Em.....

The family knows that I don’t like help in my kitchen. There are several good reasons for this - the main one being that I can’t concentrate on many things at once if I have to organise other people and show them where everything is. Also, not everyone does things the way one prefers - one has to accept this help in times of great need e.g. non-stop catering for the influx of people who came for the wedding - a huge cooked ham for lunchtimes and braais (Bar-B-Qs) at night took care of that, but otherwise I like to do my own thing. I had to give in this time though, faced with the high-energy, chatty personality of ‘the new girlfriend’. It is not good enough to delegate some tasks to her - she finishes them at top speed and beseeches one to give her something else to do. Blitzed with the non-stop chat at the same time, I found myself getting exhausted and also worried that if we couldn’t keep her occupied she would rapidly become bored. So I first sent her off to the shops and then relinquished my whole kitchen and sat down with a glass of wine, having told her what dishes to prepare. In the end I think I got the best of the deal. I even enjoyed my dinner.

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