Friday, 4 June 2010

Come to Cape Town!

Just seeing how this panoramic photo loads from my husband's new camera! Enjoy (I think). ....Yeh! No probs. Had a look at the preview. We are gearing up for the World Football tournament, which starts on Friday 11th June. There will be 8 games in Cape Town and we have built new stadiums in all the major cities. The locals have started to enter into the fun with everyone flying flags from their motor cars - sometimes those of a couple of different countries - so inter-married are we. I have two: South AFrica and the UK. I would also be wearing the T-shirt, but our shops have sold out! We are looking forward to a lot of fun over the next five weeks. The final is on 11th July. This is one of our famous views. The mountain is what you see from the plane or if, like the discoverers of the 14th century, you came in by the sea. More anon....

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