Friday, 11 June 2010


December 2007

It’s just a coincidence that my daughter-in-law’s parents got married on the same date and same year as we did and that we are all still married after 33 years. But in my regular coffee shop today, I find that the owner’s son is getting married on the same day as mine, on a wine farm (so is mine), they are the same age and both are marrying local girls. Both live in London and work in IT but are marrying over here. Can you believe it? I don’t believe in coincidences myself, because the other obvious explanation is that their situation is simply typical of the other 1,000s of young South Africans in London at the moment. They would all like to come home, but meantime, they are doing so well….We have stopped asking when? I feel that as the world has become such a ‘global village’ I am sure they could make a plan and live six months in each country and please everybody. We can’t afford to go anywhere else, so we just hope they will come to us – at least for a while.


  1. Still--a very cool coincidence!!

  2. A very good coincidence, indeed. In laws need these experiences to bond them. Unless, both sets of parents knew each other before the children got together.

  3. Hmm - I don't know how much we will ever bond other than through the grandchildren as we have absolutely nothing else in common. Strange that, when you consider that our children are together.