Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bafana Bafana! World Cup Soccer

So we lost last night - was that any reason for half the stadium to leave before the end, revealing ironically so many empty blue plastic seats that they looked like even more support for Uruguay. What interested me was the absence of Matthew Booth, so I was even more interested to hear the following three comments from black soccer fans who phoned into our local Cape Talk radio last night. One said, Matthew should have played because he shows leadership and always keeps the team's morale up, another pointed out that as we are a 'rainbow nation' as far as our rugby team is concerned - why isn't our soccer? And a third gentleman campaigned for soccer to be offered more widely in white schools. Well I never! Of course, should we have won last night, no-one would have queried the absence of any white face in the team. Even more giving pause for thought is the irony that should we not have drawn with Mexico, fans would not have expected half as much from our match with Uruguay. Have we forgotten that we started out in this tournament, ranked 88th in the world? Shame on us - we should support our guys through thick and thin, as do the dedicated British fans - LIverpool being a case in point. By the way, the television commentary of the opening show at 2.00 p.m. last Friday was abysmal! Seven minutes of absolute silence during the fly past , nothing during the impassioned performance by the Zulu warrior, which cried out for a rough English translation and explanation of Zulu cultlre, so that some of us could have been spared the conviction that war was being declared on all and sundry. Famous faces picked out by the camera in the crowd received no comment. The whole thing was so amateur, I am sure it was ad-libbed without any research done. Who were all the different groups who performed so marvellously for our entertainment? These commentators only came into their own when the match started. Which explains everything. Thank goodness the fantastic vibe at the venues made up for all this.

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