Wednesday, 2 June 2010

About the Lioness

A few years back we went to the Transkalahadi Frontier Park on the border between Botswana and South AFrica. You go in a convoy of not more than 4 recreational vehicles (4 x 4s) allowed in one party. You make a laager at night and pitch camp which must be pristinely cleaned up in the mornings. You have to take all your supplies, even water. There is nothing between you and the animals. One day, we had seen nothing much all day and were approaching the designated campsite (a dot on the map) and as we rounded the corner this lady and her husband were sitting on top of a rock, very relaxed, looking down on us in somewhat bored fashion. In our excitement and fumbling for our camera, hubby (who had been sitting next to her), yawned, got up slowly and strolled away so he is not in the shot. My son loves this pic - he says it is so feminine with the pink tongue. Sorry, try as I might I have both PIcasa and iPhoto on my Mac and i can't get the correct photo to upload!! (Cute as she was, that night, my son packed thorn branches around his tent. Hubby and I slept soundly - we had one of those tents on top of the vehicle. This pic is typical of the Eastern coastline of South AFrica. A marvellous warm current sometimes passes through and the surfing is often awesome

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