Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Small Son in the Bathroom

We’ve been using the other bathroom this last week while the shower tiles in our one await their second appointment with the angle grinder. The first thing I discover that my son, far from being over-supplied with shampoo and conditioner - four bottles jostle for place on the stand - can’t have washed his hair for weeks. The bottles are all empty. Why doesn’t he ask? Upon enquiry, he is not bothered with the situation, he just uses soap, he says. Another thing is the sinister presence of a compass - I have finally worked out its’ purpose….. but of all ironies, after having a zit-free skin almost all the time, when he went for his interview with the modelling agency, a huge one, the size of a boil had materialised on his forehead. Sod’s Law. The newest mystery is a small plastic bag containing about 50 mls of water, tied up with a rubber band (no, it IS water!) - this has been lying around the sink for the last week. I’ll find out about that today….

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