Friday, 14 May 2010

Sewing Woes

I have only ever trusted Vogue patterns - it seems - with good reason - they don’t ever have mistakes. I am making my dress for my son’s wedding with a McCalls’ pattern. It looked easy enough but when I look at the instructions the first think I notice is that the twisted neck which is supposed to be on the front - is on the back in the instructions! OK. I can deal with that. The next thing is confusion over the Lining/Underlining instructions - do they not mean Interfacing? The worst however is that the lovely shiny material which doesn’t crease and is cut on the cross has to be cut out singly and despite putting in a million pins, when I try to match up the pieces, the material has managed to stretch and there is a 5 cm difference between pieces which are supposed to be the same!! Woe is me. ....Well, as you can perhaps just see - all's well that ends well. My mother-in-law, who sewed for all seven of her children taught me that you can 'fiddle' the bits that seem not to work. Luckily, my daughter-in-law's dress was stunning so I could mostly stay in the background. This photo can't hide some things though viz: the trendy photographer insisting that all the men put their hands in their pockets, thus revealing my husband's too-short tie, somewhat rotund tummy area and my son's ill-fitting hired suit. Never mind. It was a lovely wedding.

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  1. Lovely photo. I think both dresses are beautiful. You're quite brave to take on such a significant project...I think I would play it safe and buy a dress. I hope I can marry my son off one of these days. He's my last chance for more grandchildren.