Monday, 24 May 2010

Pros and Cons

December 2007

It is with mixed feelings that I view the imminent departure of my daughter and son-in-law from our house now that theirs has raced in under the habitational wire with the plumbing being half done yesterday and contractors being forbidden to continue to work on their estate after tomorrow. They now have one temporary basin in the kitchen (no work surfaces), the toilets are operational and the instant lawn has been hastily squashed down. They can now move all their stuff out of the garage and into the house, together with themselves. My own house will benefit from all their other stuff being removed - for instance I have contemplated for almost three weeks now a washing basket with a packet of Weetbix in it residing on my sofa in the best lounge. On the other hand their departure heralds a return to ‘diet’ food for myself and my husband. I mean you can’t give visitors such food, can you? We’ve also had puddings and set the table! My husband will also regret not pouring a nice whiskey each night for himself and his son-in-law. Well, you have to be hospitable, don’t you? And well, it is the festive season. Perhaps we have better start our diets in the New Year - that will have to be after my elder son’s wedding - January 6th. Actually, it has been really nice having them. There must be a lot of advantages in extended families living together but I mustn’t get too romantic about this - we’ve only had to last three weeks.


  1. Ah, pages of the past, teasing the future. So, where is that family now?

  2. Ah well, that will have to wait until I have caught up from the past.....