Friday, 28 May 2010

New Girl in the Family?

December 18th 2007

It is always tremendously interesting when a new girlfriend is introduced to the family at a family function. In the old days it was a question of a young, blushing, starry-eyed future bride being welcomed into the fold. Now though, it is usually after a traumatic divorce and all concerned are older and hopefully wiser. The new incumbent this time is mature, attractive, sophisticated, socially adept, charming and independent. We know she is not after his money because she has her own. She is bubbly, chatty and knows everyone’s names: we like her (we think). It is early days. We hope M won’t rush into anything too soon Actually, it’s not our business at all, but it does add a little zest to the usual exchange of gossip and those of us that are in-laws and have run this family gauntlet in the past watch with interest and not without sympathy as the story unfolds. NB. This pic is not actually her, but has some resemblance.

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