Friday, 7 May 2010

New Gas Cooker?

August 2000

Kitchens are notoriously an expensive part of a house to set up from scratch, so we have basically been camping out in our holiday house one (see photo on blog!) for the last 3 years, nevertheless managing to cope often with 12 people staying at a time (and 35 the day after my daughter’s wedding!). Mostly, we have braaied or made potjies (pronounced ‘poykees’ – a stew in a cast-iron witch’s cauldron), or otherwise have managed with a cheap two-plate electric portable goody which is really slow if you put a big pot or frying pan on it. So when my husband excitedly told me he would bring me a ‘gas cooker’ I had fond visions of a state-of-the-art thing. This is what I was presented with, a relic from some-one’s camping past (not even our own). I have always been afraid of gas since on one camping trip I spied flames creeping out from underneath my sister-in-law’s gas bottle and since my husband insists on using another camping aide during power cuts - a light on a long stick on a gas bottle which makes an alarming roaring and hissing noise which drowns out the TV. However, after one week-end, I have succumbed to the charms of gas cooking - so quiet and obedient: this apparatus quite belies its looks. Just as well, as I might not get my kitchen for a while yet.

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