Thursday, 27 May 2010

Lost and Found

December 2007

We were in East London (East coast of South Africa) last week-end for a family birthday so small son schlepped with us, happy to be seeing a lot of his cousins and also a new baby - almost a given at every gathering in this huge family. Having haphazardly packed his suitcase my husband asked him to check that he hadn’t put anything valuable in the outside pouches as we don’t have locks for them. No, said he, only his toothbrush and toothpaste. On arrival, he declared these missing - which elicited much heated discussion about theft at airports by baggage staff and how they will steal ANYTHING these days. A more soft-hearted family member suggested that the employed person would be dishing this type of haul out to his poorer relatives if it was something he couldn’t sell, which opinion struck a chord with some of the ladies but not with the harder-hearted amongst us. On return home however, the missing items were discovered exactly where my son had packed them - just in the pouch at the opposite end of the bag.


  1. Hummm...there's a life lesson here! I once left my wallet at the ticket counter of a small airport in Nicaragua. It had over a hundred dollars in it...a small fortune to us at the time. I didn't discover it was missing until we arrived in Costa Rica. We had a similar conversation about what the people at the airport would do with our money. We returned to Nicaragua two weeks later and the clerk at the counter had my wallet, with all the money, secured in his desk. He would not take a reward. Nicaragua is such a poor country, but its people are hard working and honest!

    Thanks for jogging my memory!

  2. Whew! My son-in-law had a similar story to yours in Bali. Also poor people.