Thursday, 6 May 2010

Jobs Around the House

The week-end as usual, passed pleasantly enough doing jobs at our second home. This time my husband got around to fitting a new back door and moving the previous one to the gap under the outside staircase to make a storeroom. I was prevailed upon to hold up the door while he screwed in the 8 screws of the top hinge. Now anyone who has tried this sort of thing knows it is quite a job and true to type my husband, like most men, launches himself into a task without first assembling the necessary equipment. Then people like me, have to fetch and carry all the time. At the end of the day, this means it looks as if I have achieved nothing. This time he kept lowering his arms to rest, with a suitably martyred expression but turned a deaf ear to my suggestion to fetch something to stand on. Be a martyr then. I did manage to get down to oiling the doors though, which we now only do with something called “Rubbol” although it is a horrendous R249 per litre! This was unfortunate because I was getting on quite well when suddenly a huge gust of wind blew the door onto me scattering much of my precious oil over me, the wall and the floor and leaving me paralysed with the rest of the tin in one hand and the brush in the other trying to hang onto the door with my elbow. Energetic cries for help eventually produced a result and hubbie came to the rescue, with the sympathetic but slightly smug comment, “Shit happens.” Amazingly, the oil washed out of my navy denim jeans (well, you can’t see it anyway), but my t-shirt and socks didn’t make it. Note to self: remember to wear old clothes.

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