Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fiddler on the Roof

I have just had the good fortune to see a High School production of this wonderful musical – and I was blown away! It took place at one of the exclusive and extremely expensive private schools that have proliferated in South Africa since 1994 and we are lucky enough to have several of these in our suburb. Not that my children were fortunate enough to attend one of these: but it seems that my grandchildren may be amongst the privileged. No expense had been spared in terms of the theatre, the staging, the costumes, the throat mikes and the orchestra. All 150 pupils of the school were on stage at one time or another and the staging, direction and choreography were simply superb. At all times, the many extras had authentic business to keep them busy and items like the famous ‘Bottle Dance’ were brilliantly executed. The only tiny problem I could identify was that all the elderly Jewish men had copious beards which climbed half-way up their youthful cheeks and had clearly been applied with so much glue that their wearers could hardly move their facial muscles. No matter: they managed to compensate with their voices. During the interval, there was a mini-restaurant set-up under roof in the courtyard and braziers were on the go with various comestibles on offer. The school even has a Facebook webpage! Going to look now….. just one photo at the moment (show finished last night) - yeh! it has uploaded - the first pic (the little fiddler stole my heart!) . You can take a look at this lovely school at

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