Thursday, 13 May 2010

Blog Hits

Realising that I know woefully little about blogging, I got a book out of the library which is very informative and interesting. E.g. I didn’t know blogs have been around since 1999 or that they can be extremely sophisticated! I also didn’t know that you can ‘divert’ traffic to your blog in various spurious ways which can give a very false idea of who actually reads your stuff and who has been falsely ‘directed’ to your site. This can of course greatly feed one’s ego, but in the end there’s no bigger fool than he who fools himself. Be that as it may, I am going to have a go - just to see if there is any difference in my Blogstats in the next few days. The book is called: “Rough Guide To Blogging” by Jonathan Yang and he recommends the following two ways of getting your blog address ‘out there’. Either go to or . I have done both today (no charge). On page 91, he says “ hits are a very inaccurate gauge of a site’s popularity because they count every file that needs to load when a reader visits your site….you receive one hit for the page itself, and additional hits for each piece of non-text content - images, sounds etc. - that are uploaded. The more stuff jammed onto your page, the more hits you receive”. He mentions a recommended URL but I think a lot of what he talks about is for computer-savvy people who design their own blogs. It’s interesting though. I still can’t work out why I had the most hits ever the day I wrote about “Little Pink Fairies” - I thought it was a below-average post actually. As a rule of thumb, my ‘hits’ directly correspond to how many times a day I can post. Three was easy in the beginning – three years ago on week-days and week-ends usually none at all (family time). My greatest high is when some-one comments on an Archive post from months ago. That’s a real compliment! Having blogged very regularly at and achieved ‘most popular blog’ on one memorable day, I now find I can’t produce good stuff every day. I don’t do a blog diary as such because I just cannot think that my daily life would be interesting enough, yet some of the most popular blogs are exactly this. The bottom line though is that we all blog for different reasons. I want to print out 3 books eventually of a selection of my blogs, to leave to my children in my will, so that that they can have a little insight one day into how their mom’s mind really worked.

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  1. Two weeks ago i bought Blogging for Dummies to help me learn more about the technical side of blogging. I'm afraid I'm still in the dummy stage! I did use sitemeter on my blogs and found the information fun to have. I like seeing where the people who are visiting are from. I can always tell when my dad or brother has stopped by because of their location.

    I can never tell what will be of interest to readers. I've gotten the most comments on posts that I think are just average and nothing on posts that I think are wonderful. Go figure!