Monday, 17 May 2010

Big Bags

It is not easy to buy someone else a handbag. Take me for instance. It must have a shoulder strap, no flapover fastening, no inside pockets, fairly small, but can be any colour. So my daughter has recently given me two handbags - both huge! One is a Gucci copy bought on her holiday, a huge soft thing reminding me of the carpet bags of the old days - I could easily pack for a week-end in it, but I scramble desperately to find my cell phone, keys etc. The other is just as large, but at least not floppy, so I can struggle on with that. The thing is that I now have two ‘new’ handbags and I must use them so as not to offend. I have made one improvement though - I ignore the two main inside compartments in both bags, and just use the floating middle one that has a zip. My ID book and cell phone go into the tiny zip pocket on the side. Hope the fashions change next year since as my daughter is a fashion freak, I shall be expected to throw away this year’s bags and get the latest. I shall have a problem with that though - can’t bear waste, anything I own has to be worn out before I can bring myself to throw it away. I’ll do my best.

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  1. Oh my goodness! We are bird of a feather! I am so very fussy about my handbag. I end up carrying mine for years because I can't find a proper replacement. Things definitely must not move in my purse. Makes me crazy.