Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Attraction of Opposites

During the evening, M & I compared respective phobias and suggested names of psychologists to each other, while our respective spouses looked on and topped up their drinks. Finally, we tried to include them in the topic by asking each to admit to things they were afraid of: neither could think of anything! Even when my husband was on the sea on his boat and both motors failed at the same time, he wasn’t particularly worried and soon thought of a practical solution, and M’s wife eventually admitted that she was a little bit afraid of heights these days. Both these people are salt of the earth, wonderful, capable (if a tiny bit bossy) and I suddenly realised that I had never had cause to be jealous of M’s wife, who had lived cheek by jowl in a communal house with my husband (and others) long before M & I met either of them. My husband always enthuses about her and can’t wait to see her but insists he regards her as a sister. Now I know why: whereas M & I have loads in common and can really empathise with each other, if we were married we would be confined to barracks with our communal phobias! The other two would be in a constant competitive state, vying with each other as to who is the bravest, most practical, best cook etc. etc. Putting it negatively therefore, I can see why opposites attract.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the visit. How do I follow so many? I cheat: I read one or two every day; visit new followers like you; rotate my visitations around so I stay in touch somehow. Not hard, since I'm retired. It's similar to a teacher in a classroom picking two or three to call on each day, and still manage to have a couple of favorites who don't disappoint with their answers and keep the teacher on track!

    I spend most of my time on my other blogs, my memoir, and an Italian Language Lesson twice a week. Writing a memoir is a full time job. You write something; you hate it; you rewrite; you love some; you throw out most and start again before you post anything. It takes me a week to come up with anything decent.

    I noticed one of your interests is writing too. Tell me more.

  2. I saw your comment on Rosario (Lakeviewer's) blog, and thought I would say hello. My mother was born and raised in South Africa, and she loved Cape Town. She missed South Africa her whole life, and I think her spirit is back there now. I hope so, anyway. :-)

  3. That is really interesting information - re blogging. Also, it shows that people go back and re-read comments and so we find each other! So great that your mother comes from SA, Jo! Yes, I have always written - in the 80s, I was 'compelled' to write a few articles which were published in women's magazines. Since then , the muse has only returned in the last 3 years. Yes, I too am more or less writing 'memoirs' - to print out for my children one day. However, I had just had an article accepted for publishing "Heading for Sixty" (I just felt 'compelled' again to write.)