Saturday, 8 May 2010

Almost a Sexy Night

I have decided to share another Dolphin story. You are all familiar, I trust, with the vibrator shaped like a dolphin which has the magical side attachment and dual motor? I hesitated to blog about this on the grounds that it is one thing to talk about things that are harmlessly long in the past but when it is a question of last week…. In the end, I felt that I owe this true story to our post-menopausal cyber sisterhood out there as there is much to be learnt from it. After all, I can always delete it from my home PC as there is no doubt that my children would not want to read it - no child likes to know that its parents have a sex life - unless they are under 5 years old in which case they are very interested. But I digress.. As I am now 59, hormones are not what they used to be in spite of HRT and ‘things’ can be a bit of an effort sometimes to the point that I was feeling guilty about deflecting my husband’s attentions a couple of times recently in various tactless ways, like falling asleep. So one night when I woke up, the usual insomnia of menopause striking at about midnight, I decided to make amends and pretending an ardour I was not feeling, I thought I would make some advances. A while later I could see I wasn’t having much success at which point he mumbled sleepily, “Can’t you rather fetch the dolphin - its got new batteries”.


  1. I'm also writing about approaching 60 and retirement...but you are brave to write about this topic. I'm blushing just reading it! You'd think that at my age I would be past that. I enjoyed the story and your retirement home looks lovely. I'm just working on a piece about learning how to age, and the universe is sending me messages...your sidebar ads are all about menopause! I had to laugh.

  2. That's great! I shall be reading your blog lots. There are not so many of us out there. I have concluded it takes a determined sense of humor to survive menopause and sharing the tribulations with our cyber sisters is a great help.