Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Silent Night

Last night we had a most surreal evening. We are tiling….. plodding off to the gym for our half an hour mandatory exercise (well, 20 minutes - we’re still getting there), and after a quick supper, my husband decided to experiment with the latest product I brought home today - “Grout Off”. For once here is something that lives up to its name and I spent a happy and relaxed hour or two watching him sitting cross-legged on the floor of the TV room, gently applying this stuff with a toothbrush along the tile edges and wiping it off immediately with a wet cloth. I was going to work in sympathy but my iron produced a terrible smell so I couldn’t. The results are amazing - it looks as if we have had a new floor put in! Unfortunately, once you’ve started you can’t stop, so now we have to do the kitchen as well. I suddenly noticed that for once we had not put the TV on and all I could hear was the soft “Shssss, shsss” of the toothbrush, very soothing. The last time we had such pleasant quiet was during a power cut. Of course, had I been here on my own the quiet would have felt menacing, but not last night. I only came down to earth when my husband decided he had had enough of that activity and went off to bring in the heavy artillery to tackle the stubborn tiles in the shower. Shattering noise of the angle grinder. I protested that the neighbours might complain so he reluctantly abandoned that and stripped my iron instead. And so to bed.

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