Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lost and Found

I’ve been lucky with losing things. I lost a favourite ring in the middle of a lawn – it literally slid off my finger without me noticing one cold day – but my friend’s daughter miraculously found it two weeks later. I had a locket and chain my mother gave me. The chain was so fine it frequently broke but usually I was on the spot and all was well. One day I discovered that the chain was around my neck but no locket. It was found no less than three months later on our driveway near to the road! A friend had come early one morning to go fishing and while he was standing on the driveway, the rising sun suddenly shone right on it in his line of vision. I had given up on it that time. Then there’s my cell phone: once I left it behind on the seat at the Wimpy. I returned pessimistically to enquire about it two hours later – a waitress had handed it in. I gave her a decent reward (it was an expensive phone and they have a good street value here.) A year later I left the same phone on a seat at the hospital. Likewise a young man had picked it up and waited a good 15 minutes for me to come haring back to look for it. I also emptied my purse and gave him what I guessed to be the street value (he was waiting to be interviewed for a menial job at the café.) Another time I left my wallet under the seat at the movies. It was still there the next day complete with all my credit cards and cash. Clearly, the cleaners had been a bit lazy as there had been six showings of the film since my visit. Nonetheless, I have nightmares about losing things – usually my passport – and I wake up in a grateful sweat. But then there’s my grandmother’s precious wedding ring. I can’t find it. I’ve been looking for a year now but that’s because I’ve put it in a ‘safe’ place. I expect it will turn up eventually.

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