Saturday, 6 February 2010

Good Friends

I was too late to find a table to myself at my favourite coffee shop yesterday, but a group of friendly, laughing ladies said I could sit at theirs as there was one seat vacant for a lady still to come. I squeezed in and changed my mind about doing my household accounts which would involve some spreading out of papers (no laptop for me) and decided just to have my coffee and cake and run. As it turned out I had plenty of time for these activities as the other lady didn’t turn up. There was some concern expressed at her absence so I saw fit to mention as I vacated my seat that had I been waiting for my best friend in similar circumstances she would have later claimed that I had told her the wrong cafĂ© and the wrong time and probably the wrong day to boot. I hastened to add that I nevertheless love said friend to bits even though we seem to be diametrically opposite in many respects. This fascination with opposites is surely the foundation of our twenty-year friendship. One could say much the same about one’s choice of husband. Those of you who’ve got your T-shirts will know what I mean.

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