Sunday, 14 February 2010

Best Friends

My best friend since high school days is planning to visit us here in South Africa from New Zealand in September of this year, together with her husband. I am so excited about this as the last time she was here was more than 28 years ago when my eldest son was just eighteen months old. He is now married with his own six-month old so it will be quite a thing. I’ve never met her husband but her looks nice on photos. We’ve never lost touch; when we left school I went to Scotland to university and she joined British Airways and went to work in London. I’ve still got all her long letters. I’m even still using as a bookmark a postcard she sent me in 1991, when her daughter was 5. How sentimental am I? But old friends are so precious. We started out bicyling to school together in 1961 – I remember sliding down the icy hill next to her house on the way to school. We often fell off our bikes and got ladders in our stockings. Her granddad taught me to play cribbage after school and I remember having a crush on her older brother. We even shared a boyfriend. Through the years we’ve both been through divorces and heartache and we shared our trauma through all the dramas. We were friends through thick and thin. When we lost our mothers, we shared our heartache. I know that when she gets off that plane, the years will fall away and we’ll be just as we were. I can’t wait. Six months to go!


  1. How exciting. I don't have any friends as old as that but I do have friends that after a long break it is like you have lived next door forever

  2. Thank goodness for friends. Often they are life-savers. I really really cherish the few that I have.