Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bang bang bang!

This was last week at our house. They say things happen in threes. I can vouch for that: we had a twenty-year-old wild strelitzia push over two sections of the concrete wall at the back of our garden. Fortunately, the house behind has been uninhabited for the last year. At the same time we had to replace the entire old and leaky roof of our house with ‘Zincalume’ – between you and me, that’s thin sheets of expensive tinny-looking stuff: and then we finally gave in to pressure from our family to get solar heating panels for our swimming pool. All this possible because after eighteen years of residence we finally have the money to do these things. My husband is due to retire in five years but now thinks we should sell this house soon while it’s finally in better shape - I’d better do a lot of swimming in a hurry. …By the way, my timely trip to the dentist was well-advised – I just have to visit the oral hygienist for a clean – no root canal necessary!

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