Monday, 7 December 2009

Starting Off Small

Feel very sorry for my husband today: he decided to chop out the shower floor tiles because we have long had a leak which has finally penetrated through to the TV room and the paint there is peeling off the walls. He had already cut up left-over tiles into small squares last week-end to re-tile the floor and after a triumphant visit to the hardware store we returned home today with the requisite sealant, waterproof grout material etc and he got to work with the hammer and chisel. Unfortunately, he had decided against purchasing the new “Grout Lift” which was a mistake as grout is a devil of a job to excavate and the tool (a glorified Stanley Knife) which they sell for this proved to be useless. Then disaster struck! While banging away at the bottom row of tiles (in order to play it safe he decided to take off one row vertically and paint the tarry stuff up the side a bit) a tile on the next row up broke in the middle and fell off. Last I saw when I delivered his tea and muffin, was him gloomily staring what started off as a smallish job and which has now turned into a big one.

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