Friday, 6 November 2009

A Surfeit of Teabags!

My husband staggered in last night after work bearing a large, obviously weighty plastic bag. It proved to be no less than 5 kilograms of wet tea bags!! He had asked the tea lady to save some for him and she took only two days to assemble these - 165 employees in the building. He expressed due gratitude and I am now relieved of my own collecting duties (a poor yield of only 6 bags in two days at home). The new arrivals are now resting on trays in the sun in my back garden, looking for all the world like piles of autumn leaves awaiting disposal. I hope my husband is now satisfied - after all, I don’t think we have more than one braai a month. Somewhat aggrieved, he says that I don’t appreciate his efforts at economy - apparently, the gas for his blow torch is expensive. My mother would say this is penny-wise and pound foolish. I’m just glad they are no longer in my kitchen.

1 comment:

  1. Funny, not sure I would want strangers tea bags but he seems to be taking it seriously. :)