Sunday, 1 November 2009

Self Knowledge

October 31st 2007

When push comes to shove, we all have to live with ourselves and we can’t escape our own skins. So it helps to be honest and verbalize our own faults (at least in private) and analyze them in a life-long attempt at self-improvement. Thus I have long since confessed to myself my addiction to blogging and to my computer in general and have acknowledged that my house is beginning to show visible signs of neglect which I shall have to do something about. Even my husband is running his hand along furrows of dust and starting to ask what did I do today? This is totally my own fault - I forgot to fetch his favourite trousers from the zip repair lady (for the 3rd day in a row) and he really wanted to wear them today, thus stupidly focussing his attention on 'how did I spend my day?'. Otherwise, as long as I have a nice dinner ready at night, keep the ironing up to date, the garden fairly neat, the pool backwashed and make him oats and a packed lunch in the morning - I can be a free agent for the rest of the day. I can almost convince him, of not myself, that this is a full-time list of things to do, but to be honest - it can all be done in a couple of hours. Witness the day I asked an estate agent to value the house - I cleaned and tidied up like a mad thing and got far more done than I usually do in a week. Now when it came to my son’s second Maths exam this morning, I was full of sage advice viz “Don’t go to bed too late, what you don’t know now you will never know, relax, be very calm when you go into the exam, have a good breakfast, organise your time while you are writing, leave the hard questions and go back to them later….and so on.” Of course, when I was in the same boat at his age, I was a bag of nerves, hadn’t prepared properly, often worked all night and faced an exam bleary-eyed, with crib notes on my wrist, gazing around at everyone else writing and not even picking up my pen and as often as not, had gone to the pub the night before. Hypocrite!

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