Monday, 30 November 2009

Return of Big Son

Big son and his wife have finally stopped dithering and decided to return to South Africa for good after eight years of a successful and comfortable life in London. The main reason for this is the arrival of their first baby and the realisation that they are missing out on extended family life and the advantages there would be in having both sets of grandparents readily available! They have done what they set out to do i.e.- lots of travelling. NB. They said their cheapest holiday anywhere had been to LA and the Grand Canyon. So they arrived yesterday morning in Cape Town after a not uneventful departure from London. Firstly, the shipping guys arrived early to fetch their 32 boxes and sundry furniture with the result that my distracted daughter-in-law authorised them to take their chest of drawers still containing most of my son’s clothes! At the airport, SAA was unrelentingly strict with their luggage allowance and they had to remove 4 kilos of luggage from each of their three cases and buy another suitcase for these items, and leave it with one of the posse of close friends who had come to see them off. Prior to all that my son found they had seriously misjudged the amount of stuff they owned and had begged space in a friend’s garage for another ten boxes and his bicycle. Luckily, they had been able to sell their car to another friend. On arrival at our house after an ecstatic reception from their arrival committee here, it was discovered that the baby’s suitcase with all her clothes was missing. Frantic phone calls later and a quick trip back to the airport and the case was recovered. We don’t know if they will settle here - they are still shell-shocked at the cost of our disposable diapers. For the moment, my son has to travel back to London for one week a month, so he will be able to bring back more of their things each time. Surely half of his luggage allowance will be diapers! Still, one thing at a time. They are looking forward to a great family Christmas in the hot African sun! I’ve carefully not mentioned that we often have rain on Christmas day.

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  1. Sounds wonderful for all of you. But what a chore moving is.