Monday, 9 November 2009


I am finding it hard to believe what has happened to me so far today….I sat down at the ‘phone table’ in the passage and it collapsed under me. (My husband made it at school- 42 years ago.) I side-swiped my prescription glasses once too often while dusting - they fell onto the tiles and a lens broke. I forgot that I had put my bunch of keys down the back of my shorts’ waistband (don’t ask) and they fell into the toilet and at the moment guys are taking out a big tree in our front garden and its roots are unbelievably entangled in the municipality’s electricity cables. It looks as if there are black snakes mating down there. I can’t look. In contrast to these ominous signs, the flower on my kitchen window sill has produced two perfect blooms during the night. Maybe I am being told I should get my eyes tested, let people get on with their work and believe that otherwise all is well. Oh, and I went out specially to buy an urgently needed item and came back without it, having forgotten what I went for. But that’s normal.


  1. Don't buy any lotto tickets, stay away from black cats and go directly to bed with a helmet.
    Tomorrow is bound to be better. ha

  2. Thank you for such sage advice! I am glad to report I have survived until the next day (without helmet!)

  3. Oh my, bet you were glad when you did get to lay down.